Digital Subscriber Line Testing

Test DSL with a Golden Modem

The only accurate method of checking a Digital Switch Line Access Switch (DSLAM) port is by connecting it to a Golden Modem.

This will prove the DSLAM port is functioning correctly and can communicate with the Modem. Once the port is proved to be okay the fault has to be on the customers equipment, the customers configuration or the line circuit btween the Central Office (CO) and customers premises.

Adding a Copper Line Test Head into the configuration can prove exactly where the fault lies on the Copper Line and efficient remedial action can be started.

If a Test Access Switch Matrix (TAM) is added into the circuit the Golden Modem and Test Head can then be connected to any port on the DSLAM, this allows remote testing from a central office and real time access. DSL Test Solution


DSL Test using a Golden Modem



Test DSL with Selt, Delt, Melt

SELT = Single Ended Line Test
DELT = Double Ended Line Test
MELT = Metallic Line Test

Most importantly these test require a working end to end circuit. If the customer has lost service and is calling to report the fault it is unlikely these tests will prove anything - other than confirm the customer has no service. The results will not identify where the fault is and further analysis is required to prove the fault on the line circuit or customers equipment.

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Selt Melt and Delt Fault Analysis